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Our Experience

Brad Desmond & Associates have provided personal and professional development programs for more than 10 years.  

Why Us?


We all want work to be a positive and engaging experience.  However, the reality is often very different. 

According to Gallup research only 24% of Australian workers are ‘engaged’ at work. This means they are motivated and likely to invest discretionary effort towards team goals.  Worse still, 16% of Australian workers are "actively disengaged." 

Clearly, if we want our people to be more positive at work we can’t just keep doing more of the same.


Fortunately, studies show when organisations apply the principles of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and wellbeing their teams thrive.   For example, when leaders apply positive psychology coaching skills, and staff are encouraged to discover their strengths, they become  more positive about work.   When teams explore the principles of wellbeing and resilience, they report higher job satisfaction and engagement.  

The ultimate goal is for people and teams to flourish at work.  

More people are discovering the benefits of a culture of wellbeing in the workplace. Find out more.