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About Brad Desmond

  • Brad Desmond is an award-winning psychologist with additional post-graduate qualifications in education and training. He is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences and is recognised as a master trainer in emotional intelligence and positive psychology.  Brad is a twenty-year member of the Australian Psychological Society and is on the editorial board of the European based ‘PositivePsychology.com’ where he regularly blogs for an audience of more than one million readers. 

  • His key interests are in the areas of personal and professional development, positive leadership and coaching, resilience and workplace wellbeing.  His numerous character flaws include supporting Collingwood.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Positive Psychology

  • EQ and positive psychology are the scientific studies of human flourishing.  EQ and Positive Psychology identify the principles in which individuals and organisations thrive and investigates strategies to increase those elements.   

  • Just as sports psychology strengthens the performance of already high performing people, EQ and Positive Psychology increase the job satisfaction, performance, resilience, motivation of individuals and teams in the workplace.


Latest news

The fantastic 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology has just concluded for 2019.  More than 1600 delegates from 50+ countries came together to discuss the latest science based applications of positive psychology and wellbeing.  My own presentation showcased new wellbeing programs with diverse groups- including our own First Nations people. Such a privilege telling the world about our cutting edge work.  Plus its always fun showing the yanks how its done! (did I say that out loud?).

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