Program update. COVID-19

To our valued community of personal development devotees. 

We have, unsurprisingly, suspended our scheduled EQ Magic masterclasses in line with current public health advice.

We do this with a heavy heart as, ironically, this is a time when we need the tools for emotional development more than ever. We are currently exploring alternative platforms for delivering a revised version of this program and will advise soon.  

If you have registered for either the June or August workshops you will receive a full refund.  If you prefer, you may transfer your registration to the next scheduled workshop in November.  

Meanwhile, hold tight.  And when in doubt be kind to someone, including yourself.

About Emotional Intelligence

As you already know, 'intelligence' has little to do with happiness or success in the real world.

Intelligence, alone, doesn’t create joy, motivation or self-confidence. It doesn't help you set brave goals or be resilient with set-backs.  It doesn’t help you to stay calm in a crisis or build satisfying relationships.  It doesn't help you to motivate others or be an inspiring leader, or an empathic friend or a good parent.  


Real life success is better predicted by abilities such as personal insight, self-mastery, motivation and people skills. In other words, Emotional Intelligence.

  • Learn the secrets to being more effective in the real world.  Attend our EQ Magic Masterclass.  Download the flyer below to find out more.


2019 Masterclass reviews

See what people said about the EQ Magic Masterclass ..



"The EQ Masterclass underscored the importance of working to our respective strengths and supporting others to do likewise. I left with an actionable plan to refine the ways in which I connect, communicate and collaborate with others.

This was such a validating day, with a great mix of information, reflective time and thought-provoking group discussion."

Karen Foster


O2 Media.Port Fairy.


"The coaching strategies and the discussions around strengths were highly beneficial.  It was all beneficial."

Andrea Farrow

Performance Lifestyle Adviser 

Victorian Institute of Sport 


"This workshop was awesome.  Brad and Anastasia were amazing and I am hoping to build on that learning every day.  It was so useful."

Sandra Berto

Senior Data Analyst



"I enjoyed taking the time to learn about myself and the benefits of focusing on strengths."  

Paul Byrden

Forensic Accountant

Department of Justice & Regulation"

"I found this workshop to be very inspiring.  It was all beneficial.  The coaching skills will be very useful for my professional work."

Christina Moss

Mental Health Professional