Professional development programs

EQ Magic: The Emotional Intelligence Masterclass


Emotional Intelligence is the key to being more effective in the real world. This one-day workshop provides evidence-based strategies for personal and professional success, and skills for coaching positive changes in others.

Positive Psychology at Work.


 According to Gallup research only 24% of Australian employees are “engaged.”

If we want a more positive culture we can't just keep doing more of the same.  Positive Psychology studies the elements in which people flourish at work, and increases those elements. 

Building Positive Teams.

All leaders want their people to be positive about their work and feel supported.  Our team building

A positive team is more than just a collection of skilled individuals.  Our team building programs equip leaders with the coaching tools needed to create more cooperation at work, more engagement and increased motivation.     

Inside Wellbeing


Wellbeing is much more than the absence of illness.  This popular program shares the wellbeing secrets of those who achieve their goals, bounce back from setbacks and enjoy high levels of life satisfaction. 

Suicide Prevention: ASIST


 Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is a two- day, interactive workshop that prepares caregivers to provide suicide first aid intervention.  

Resilience Leadership


High pressure work environments create significant stress which, in turn, creates new challenges for managers and supervisors. This workshop equips leaders with the coaching tools for building resilient teams in high pressure environments.