EQ Magic: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership



Leadership is a contact sport. It requires authentic people skills. 

  • Leaders who are higher in self-awareness, for example knowing and using their personal strengths, have more authenticity and impact. 
  • Leaders who know how to motivate themselves and others are seen as charismatic and persuasive.
  • Leaders with people skills address problem behaviour and difficult personalities with skill and confidence.

The skills of Emotional Intelligence can be developed by anyone.  

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Engagement at Work


    Most people agree that a highly engaged workforce is a good thing. Unfortunately, ‘engagement’ is not always the case.  According to Gallup research only 24% of Australian employees are “engaged.”

  • If we want a more positive culture we can't just keep doing more of the same.   We need a different approach.  

  • Positive Psychology studies the elements in which people flourish at work, and provides strategies to increase those elements. 

  • We work directly with staff to build a culture of wellbeing, resilience and engagement.  

Building Positive Teams


All leaders want their teams to be positive about their work and to value to support they get from their leader.  Our team building programs equip leaders with the coaching tools to create more positive emotions, engagement and motivation at work.    

Inside Wellbeing


This popular program shares the secrets of those who achieve their goals, bounce back from setbacks....