Why strengths matter

We can all remember being back at school and bringing home a  report card we thought was pretty good, only to have our well-meaning parents focus on the subject we did badly in. It seems focusing on areas of weakness is the default setting for most people.

But its a big mistake. A growing body of evidence shows we are most productive, effective and satisfied when playing to our strengths.  Notice how much more effective you are today no longer wasting time on that weak subject area?  You are a walking collection of strengths, and now is the time to step on the gas!   

But what are your strengths?


The VIA Inventory of Strengths

The VIA Inventory of Strengths is a free online survey designed to identify an individual's profile of personality strengths.  The survey takes about 30 minutes to complete and provides a printout of your top individual strengths. 

This is the first step to identifying and exploiting your unique strengths for increased confidence, motivation and work satisfaction.  

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